a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

random cellphone pictures...

on the eve of our great northern adventure i decided it might be a good time to clean-up my memory device. these are just a peek at some of the moments we've been blessed with over the last couple of months. life is good!

asheville's ALL-STAR lineup

miles and his snazzy new hat

owen, alex (our little booty shaker) & kate with miss nc international



last night we took in our first asheville tourists games and sadly we were without pete, he would have loved it! i know the pictures stink but i forgot my camera and obviously my phone didn't do the evening justice.
we were playing a team from greenville and i think we made it to the 7th inning but i am not sure of score. the team was celebrating ted e. tourist's (our local mascot) 17th birthday so there all sort festivites for the kids to partake in. we dined high on the hog, enjoying all beef dogs, chicken fingers, popcorn, cotton-candy, dippin dots and last but ceratinly not least funnel cake.
kate was talking to pete this morning on the phone i heard her tell him what a great time we had last night. she told him about little alex shaking his booty when they got to meet miss nc international and how she was cheering for the blueteam (greenville) and then she said dad we ate so much JUNK... it was great. what can i say?

Friday, June 27, 2008

the gorgeous guldbergs

july is looking so good for us!
the month is going to start off with a trip to northern new york for a week with the roe clan at the cottage. we'll then shoot back to asheville for a week at home and someones 35th birthday will be celebrated. uuuugggghhhh! and the following week we are going to rendezvous with the Guldberg's and the Cumming's in TN. i can't tell you how excited i am to have some good quality time with two of my most favorite women in the world and the fact that they're both be traveling with adorable little babies this time around is an added perk for both kate and i.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

for OPA on his 60th

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear OPA
happy birthday to you!
yes, is lieu of our trip to Iowa to celebrate this monumental birthday with opa we offer up our version of an inter-web birthday celebration. happiest of birthdays daddy-O. these two goofballs sure do love thier opa. hope to see you soon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

do you remeber your first best friend...

kiley and her family moved in and became our next door neighbors while we were living on robinson road in mooresville. while the woods made great neighbors, kiley was an exceptional little soul to have next door. kate was just 18 months at the time and the two became fast friends and enjoyed many firsts together. we spent three good years with the woods before we packed up and headed off to asheville. this past weekend kiley came to asheville and spent her first solo weekend with us. it was as if no time had passed at all. it was beautiful! they played babies, they colored, they played dress-up and they enjoyed countless hours romping around outdoors.

we will continue to carry kiley in our hearts and hope that the special little friendship that she and kate share now will endure the test of time.
come back any time kiley -roo. we love you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

kay's AMAZING mango salsa ~

tomato - 2, pitted
red onion - 1/4 finely diced
green onion - 2 chopped
lemon - 1/2 half fresh squeezed
mix in bowl and add sea salt and black pepper to taste

celebrating grandpa swenson~

happy birthday

grandpa swenson

here's to MANY more

sending lots of love

from asheville

Friday, June 20, 2008

volunteerism - HA!

another nights with the girls. this time they came to be because pete was traveling we enjoyed margaritas and mango salsa while we worked. these are the last two canvases needed by the church nursery that heather has been involved with remodeling. who knew volunteer work could be so much fun!

digger dog~

i just love my dog.
he does smell and he is shedding like crazy but he always greets me with a smile and just can't ever seem to get enough of me.
as i make my way through the yard watering he follows, as i weed he follows, as i play with the kids he finds a place nearby in the warm sun and keeps and eye on us. as the kids venture into the woods to explore he follows, as we walk down to the meadow to swing he follows. when pete is traveling digger watches chick flicks with me and sleeps on the floor in my room.
could it get any better?

the incredible edible egg...

the local pool that we joined this summer stays open late two nights per week and this past tuesday night after i finished work we shot over and spent our first "evening" at the pool. we met friends and all brought something to share. i had some spinach left from last weeks CSA and wasn't much in the mood for sandwiches so i threw "this" together for the mother's to enjoy. i don't make quiche very often because peter won't touch it nor will the kiddos but i must say it was delish!
first i lighted sauteed some spinach, mushrooms and the remaining garlic greens we had in some EVOO. whipped up 4 eggs and a splash of milk. added a heaping handful or mozzarella, a couple of shakes of parmesan and a small package of plain feta. mixed in all together and pored it into a store bought pie crust. topped with a few remaining shrooms and baked at 350 for 45 minutes. mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

aunt bethie and molly - moo cow!

my those girls are gorgeous~