a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

short but sweet~

taking in the sights at the seneca zoo

and the scavenger hunt begins

kate found the rhino

our monkeys checking out the zoo monkeys

bubbles before dinner with grandpa

kate & grammy playing war

pete and his mom, grammy swenson

a quick trip to the park after dinner

kate & momma being silly
making the most out of the time we spent stuck on the runway

at long last...
this past weekend we flew up to rochester, ny to see grammy and grandpa swenson and to visit their new home and surroundings since relocating following retirement. although our time spent with them was short we made the most of it and covered a lot of ground. we were even afforded the pleasure of enjoying a two-fer with grandpa swenson. we were there to celebrate both his birthday and father's day.
we'll look forward to returning when the snow is flying to share in a thanksgiving feast.

the conclusion of camp

drama team leaders

kate watching intently as some of the other groups preform

perched in the narrators chair and ready to go

the "Shetlands" preforming the
revenge of little red riding hood, scooby-doo style

the Shetlands take a bow

a proud poppa

camp wound

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a little slice of heaven; HICKORY NUT GAP farm camp!

the self-serve stand that is located at the entrance to the farm

yes indeed!

the one lane bridge that leads to the farm

playing in the clay every day. pottery has been a favorite.

the morning gathering circle.
complete with shout outs and silly camp songs
see kate - just about middle, blue shirt, jeans and pigtails.
she had no idea i was spying. tee hee hee

campers artwork hung to dry everywhere
kate too busy to chat - gotta run

the tree swing - where i've found kate every afternoon

one of many magical trails cut through the dense overgrown shrubbery

the gate leading to the pool
the BOYS changing room

& this is the GIRLS changing room

so much goodness happening out here this week. pete and i could not have imagined the impact a weeks worth of farm camp could have on kate. it's been profound. i am still having a hard time putting words to it. suffice it to say that it's been as close to magic as i've witnessed in ages. we'll join kate tomorrow at 3:30 for their closing ceremony and the much anticipated DRAMA performance. kate has a big role that she is quite excited about. she is going ot be the narrator. 3:30 tomorrow - be there or be square!

things are starting to fill in around here

after two full seasons in the ground everything is starting to look a lot less new, much more settled and much more comfy. every time i drive up the drive i find myself wanting to let out a big ahhhhhhh!

while the CAT is away...

the mouse WILL play!
after tucking in trey the night before last
i peeked into kate's room to tell her goodnight.
to my surprise she was not there.
guess where i found her?
down in our bed.
she said she just wanted
to keep me company while dad was away.
isn't she sweet!?
i must admit however now that she is getting older
and no longer tossing and turning all night
i enjoy those occasional sleepovers we get to share while pete is away
& i know she does too.
and then there is this one...
tanner has also taken to sleeping in our room.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i could be the next junkie...

so happy and so energized since finding crossfit! if you are local come and join us. if not search for it in your area, you will not be sorry. never did i think i'd be able to do an actual pull-up... so maybe i still can't but i have to tell you i am getting close and i know i will get there.
if pete is in town i try and hit the 6 or 7 am classes, if he is not they offer FREE childcare at the 8 & 9AM classes. for more info check out the following link.


Monday, June 15, 2009

new day ~ new adventure

today we had a happy camper and a happy crafter and a very nervous momma. the crafting actually helped to calm said momma's nerves while our little camper was out spreading her wings.
she was all smiles this mornings. we will see what the rest of the week brings. more details to follow...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

orange profusion - ahhhhhhh.....

just a couple pictures of the little gems that i find absolutely delightful. i think zinnias have been a foavorite of mine since childhood. i remember my father always planting at least a row or two in our garden as a child.
SO - for the record if i ever win the lottery i will take up gardening fulltime. i guess that means i need to start playing...

and this guy is another one of my favorites that is just about to bloom, a black-eyed susan. a sure sign of summer in the mountains.

we've found a fav~

this evening as pete and i enjoyed a glass of wine and prepared dinner kate and trey shared in a good old fashioned game of charades. nothing but a little smooth jazz playing in the background and a load of giggles to fill the foreground. it was the perfect "appetizer." and the best part, they just can't seem to get enough of it.