a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

savoring the finals days of summer!

saturday was one of those day that just couldn't have gotten much better.
The day started off with trey calling for us some time before 7. as i lay there wishing he'd fall back to sleep i heard the pitter patter of feet upstairs. kate had run in to check on him. not only did she check on him. she took of his pull-up, got him dressed and came downstairs and got him a cup of milk before returning upstairs to turn on the toons. it was beautiful. like a dream come true. and from there the day just kept getting better.
after some breakfast peter and david took off for a ride and carolyn and i took the kids to the farmers market. we enjoyed a gorgeous morning, some tasty blackberries and a savory garden pesto crape. after filling our baskets and our bellies we set off to meet the men over at bent creek and planned on a taking a short hike. with a cool breeze at our backs we hiked about a mile in and made our way to a beautiful sand beach where the kids jumped in and cooled off.
following our adventures at bent creeks bid the bigley's farewell and promised to see more of each other.
saturday evening we had originally planned to camp out but with an unpredictable weather forecast and the impending garage sale heather and i decided we'd have a "camping" themed dinner instead. don grilled up some delicious burgers and we enjoyed cold watermelon and some savory summer salads followed by smore's roasted over a open fire pit.
probably one of the best moments of this past weekend was toward the end of night saturday when i found myself laying on an inflatable air mattress in the middle of the gast's back yard with heather and 5 little munchkins crawling all over us. and it only got better as the kids held lanterns while pete told the story of the tickle ghost. what a riot we had.
once again we find ourselves enjoying the simple pleasures in life. good times with family and friends.
life is good!

fun with friends on a friday ~

friday our long lost friends from mooresville had been vacationing in the mountains and swung by for a visit. so glad they did. it had been way to long. the bigley's are like your favorite pair of old socks. they are comfortable, supportive and always forgiving!
we enjoyed an easy evening on the deck. pete whipped up a feast complete with homemade blackberry cobbler for desert. (have i mentioned what a great cook my husband is?) after dinner while the kiddos played the parent sang and danced to the 80's.
a good time had by all!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

lord help us!


multi-family gathering to benefit the
susan g. komen breast cancer foundaton.
tons of kids stuff;
both boys and girls
men's, women's, housewares and much more!

Friday & Saturday 8/29 & 8/30 from 8AM until Noon.
come early for the best selection.

23 whitetail drive
weaverville, NC


OK folks if you've ever hosted one of these with great success i am all ears. suggestions - advice. i'll take what ever you can give me.

as many of you may recall last year with my team of blister sisters i participated in the 3day breast cancer walk in atlanta covering nearly 60 miles. our efforts helped raise awareness and funds to continue the search for a cure. this year in an attempt to stay connected to the event without doing the massive fundraising a handful of us from last year have committed to "crewing" the walking the walk in Washington DC in October. the 6 of us returning from last year will be all be volunteering at the margaritaville themed PIT STOP #3.

you may be wondering what does all of this have to do with our garage sale. well rather than asking for monetary donations we are simply asking our friends and families to clean out their closests and allow us to sale anything you currently have in your home that is unwanted. anything we raise will be used to cover our transportation to and from the event. heather and i cumulatively hope to raise $1000. if you'd rather show your support the old fashion way, then by all means let me know and i'll point you in the right direction.

OH!!! to be three...

3 years old. i just can't get over it. seems like just yesterday pete and i were relaxing in our hospital room in mooresville just waiting for our scheduled c-section. just after noon on the 18th of august our little man entered the world and it was love at first sight.
as a baby he was easy. we could not get over how relaxed he was. as we'd learn that would all soon change and thank goodness it did. trey bear keeps us on our toes. he's always into OR up to something. he and kate have been inseparable this summer and it has been a gift even to witness.
our little man in the making, i don't know what we'd do without you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

happy - HAPPY birthday my sweet trey bear!

my love, my sweet little love turned 3 today!
my how time flies when you are having fun.

sunday we celebrated in true roe fashion. good food, good fun good friends and YEAH we even had family in town!
our celebrations carried on through today. trey and i spent the morning at azalea park and then met pete for a birthday lunch. we returned home and spent the next couple of hours playing with all of his new goodies before collecting kate from the bus. this afternoon we washed my car and played in the water a bit before calling it quits. and finally this evening after a scrumptious dinner prepared by pete we indulged one last time with yet another cake! a GIANT spider man cake that we'll probably be eating off of for the rest of the week.

i have to share:

monday afternoon i told trey that we'd be celebrating his birthday again. i told him that we'd be having his "family party" later this evening.
he quickly replied "with the kids?"

"nope" i said. meme and gaw, kate and daddy...
"NO! i need kids"
I reminded him that we had just celebrated with the kids, yesterday...

"we need the kids, i need mrs. heather. i really want the kids!"

and with that i just had to distract him and change the subject.
thank you trey for all the magic you bring to our family!
thank you for all of the love and and all of the laughs.
thank you for being the little boy that you are.
we love up to the and back a million times over~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

we've got a bus rider!

240 on friday afternoon, pete and holly, trey and peter, digger and i all anxiously waited the arrival of bus #451 with kater-pie aboard.
the bus rolled to a stop and sporting a big smile she hopped off and declared, i am SOOOO riding the bus tomorrow!

kates first day of first grade~

what a difference a year can make!
so happy to report that kate is off to a stellar start.
when i picked her up thursday she told us she was ready for the bus.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

and HE'S off!

this morning my super cool little nephew jimmy started a new chapter in his book of life. he ventured off out into the great big world and started kindergarten in omaha. jimmy appears to have been all smiles. sure hope momma was holding up half as well!

missing iowa!

as we sent mika back to iowa this afternoon the tears started to roll and the realization sunk in. this is the first summer since i left that i/we won't make it back. fortunately i had these pics waiting for me at home. a token reminder of all of those that we love back in iowa.
the pictures above were taken at the last of the great ryan weddings. tracy's "baby brother" john was recently married. and get a loud of that handsome man trac is dancing with. can you believe that is her son!!! ryan ladage you will be a heart breaker.
iowa - we miss you!

here we go again....

tomorrow kate will become a first grader!
i have no idea where the summer has gone. i just give thanks for all of the good times and for all of the great memories.
this afternoon right before we had to take mika back to the airport we swung by oakley elementary school for meet your teacher. good news folks, kate seems to be thrilled with her teacher (yeah for mrs. dotson) and with the fact that two of her favorite pals, krista and henry will be joining her.
kate has been teary and a bit nervous this past week. asking a lot of questions about first grade, riding the bus and the teacher's expectations of her. no doubt a week from now things will be business as usual for this brave and ambitious child but the remainder of this week could be a bit rough. if you have a minute send a little love her way.

the year of the barbie~

yes indeed my friends kate's 6th was the year of the barbie. she loves them. she can't get enough of them. she likes to dress them and undress them, pose them and then dress them all over again. this is an all new experiences for me. as a middle child and the only girl, barbies were never my thing. this could be why i take such delight in watching kate play with these plastic little people.
as i was picking out her gifts this year i waffled over all of the "accessories" that readily available and mass marketed. houses, stages, furniture, horses... you name they have it at Toy's R Us. i stuck with my gut and refrained. i left with a hsm gabrielle doll, an african american steven doll, the "cali" ken doll and an anonymous blonde barbie who's hair you can streak. fun right!!
ok, now to get to the pictures above and to share this sweet little moment with you. notice how kids are IMPROVISING! isn't it beautiful. no plastic barbie kitchen needed here. kate and trey have been using our ancient leap frog groceries for both our food and furniture.
way to go kids. keep thinking outside that box!