a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SKYTOP never disapoints!

trey & his buddies
would you lookey there, he seems to be listening...

OK so it only looks like he is trying to put the plastic bag on his head.
actaully he was merely trying to look through it.


soccer - are we having fun yet?

trey wanting NOTHING to do with organized sports!
love the HUGE uniforms
so the game is over and trey is finally getting excited!

now he is going after kater

wrestling at a soccer game... of course!

and kate found a baby to play with (sweet baby will)

trey was certain that this vendors menu was a huge growth chart.
we indulged him!

picked these just for YOU!

hoping your day was absolutely perfect!

i took the picture above at the farmer's market the weekend before last.
and i swear that is just lemonade they are drinking.
sure looks like they are enjoying it huh??!?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

we need to do this MORE often!

here andrew kindly shares in "time out" spot with kate
and NO he wasn't in time out.
look at that beautiful child.
he gives me goosebumps!
& he is as mellow as her appears in this pic

the kids and i trucked on over to mooresville to see a family we've been missing for months; the cummings.
not a day goes by that i don't think of these folks fondly. melanie has been an incredible friend for nearly a decade and it wasn't until i left her house on sunday that i realized just how much i've been missing her. melanie shared my first pregnancy with me and supported me fully as i tipped scales across town. post pregnancy melanie got me through my first marathon, she was the first friend that i told when we found out we were pregnant with trey. melanie has been the friend that i've been able to drag to the southern holiday home show year after year. she is that friend that has unconditionally loved our children and has always done her best to keep up with their busy life's. she has been the friend that always remembers to call me on my birthday and my KIDS birthdays just to tell us she was thinking about us. melanie is the friend that shares her secret recipes with me and has taught me how to host a party. i could go on and on...
it is a joy now to see her with her son andrew. he is precious and exudes all of the love he has been showered with.
can't wait to see you later this fall my dear friend!

trey heads to pre-K

pete was away so this was our attempt at a mommy and trey picture...

kater takes on the second grade

is the bag bigger than she is?

even dig got up to see her off~

ok - ok let's GO!
looking forward to another great year.

Monday, September 7, 2009

august: the month of parties for the roes

yes - we had TWO dog themed party. "like sister like brother..."
here trey is getting the doggie dig underway.

heather, elyse and scarlett

whatcha find, whatca find?

our birthday boy

we actually had another birthday boy join us.
happy bday dave!

trey really looks like he is enjoying this doesn't he???

check it out -- the glowing green ball mid air!

feeling so fortunate to have such wonderful friends to share these moments with. lots of good memories made this summer!

trey turns 4...

first things first...
trey loves a dounie

a new book from sis -- and what a hit this one has been

how can our little bear be 4?
i know i've said that as he's turned 2...and then 3...and now as he turns 4 i still find myself wondering where DOES the time go?
if only i could slow things down a bit...