a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Friday, October 30, 2009

iowa... we miss you!

here they are folks!
the future starting line-up for the Hawks,
plus one darn cute cheerleader-to-be!
jimmy, austin, charlie and alli
all gathered at mika & opa's
house to carve pumpkins this past weekend.
we sure do love you guys!

don't let this happen to you!

sorry folks -- this is the best i can do at the moment.
i've been displayed. i am having all sort of technical difficulties so all of the fun pics i've been taking over the last couple of weeks are temporarily inaccessible.
when i received this little lovely earlier today
i decide it would make my friday post.
we are looking forward to spending this evening
with our dear friends the cummings
& tomorrow brings lots of fun.
several halloween parties to attend,
mounds of candy to be consumed & plenty of pounds to be gained. ugh!
so glad i started this morning off with crossfit!
we hope you all enjoy a super fun
& SAFE halloween weekend~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

our day spent at the castle in the corn~

i flew my little plane over the acreage and snapped this areal pic of the maze. cool huh?!!
our motley crew
tee hee hee
here we go!
no worries... miles has the map!

we love our ldyie!
the boys are plotting our next move
miles love his momma!

trey bear gettin a little love from lydie
heather knows trey's language!

the men in my life...

oh how wonderful they are these men of mine...
they make me weak in the knees, they make my heart go pitter-patter, they make me wish for more minutes in every day. these men of mine make me want to be a better me, they make me want to live a longer life. these amazing men of mine are filled with so much love and so much zest for life!
oh how lucky am i that these amaZing men are mine!

a silly surprise~

"pick your nose"

to the kids delight a box arrived on the doorstep saturday. a box full of good times! is there anything more fun then an unexpected gift? OK possibly but i gotta say they are pretty great!
thanks for thinking of the kids - you know who you are!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

we've got ourselves an IRONMAN in the making~

heading to the water bright and early
thumbs up - it's a go!
here he comes. 6.5 down and 6.5 to go!
kids waiting anxiously for a high 5
you can sure tell the "for-fun" group from the professionals...
we didn't see anyone in the front of the pack stopping to kiss the crowd!

the boys were passing the time...
dean and natalie run pete up the last hill and into the finish shoot.

poor kater, she had been vomiting every two hours all night long!
but she didn't even squawk when we told her it was time to get up and head over to the park.
we just found her a shaddy place to rest.
what a trooper!

pete and trey post race

trey has a thing for a little bling!
kate with her bag of ice...
and NOW for the real challenge...
we must get the very tired kids back tot he vehicle which is miles away.
thank goodness for the sweet talking ilya.
no much farther now...
Check Spelling tonight we are feeling so thankful for our friends. pete was so excited when the gorelick's said they were coming out to cheer him on but we would have never
guessed that we would actually NEED them so much today.
thanks for all of your help - not sure how we would have managed without you!