a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

the BIG snow~

tanner is all bundled up!
my car got stuck friday night. the boys work feverishly saturday morning to shovel it out.

not the best sledding conditions but the kids certainly gave it their all
treking up the hill...
every one jump on!

poor dig couldn't make it up the drive.
pete to the rescue!

time for hot chocolate!

this time we knew it was coming... i hit the store before picking both kids up early from school on friday and with baited breath we waited...
we waited for the snow to start falling and we waited to see if pete would make it home from his week spent in california.
at about 330 it was as if someone flipped on a switch... the snow started to fall fast and furious. fortunately by about 630 we saw someone with a large suitcase walking up the drive... pete had made it home -- thank you lord!
in those three short hours 4 inches fell and somehow i managed to get my car stuck in the drive. by morning 8-10 inches covered everything.
needless to say we've had an amazing weekend. all cuddled up and cozy. enjoying the splendor of the snow and taking advantage of this time to just slow down and soak each other up!

Monday, January 25, 2010

a rare evening out...

pete sr. and holly joined us for diner
beth and steve

super Chorizo delish!
and then on to the Monk...
what do you suppose we were talking about?

just before the nasons packed up and started their trek back to maine the four of us managed to sneak out and spend a night enjoying each others company and conversation.

and there was EVEN bowling...

thank goodness NC has finaly come on board with the NO SMOKING INDOORS. the kids enjoyed an afternoon at the local lanes. not sure score was even kept but who cares... look how much fun they were having! look how darn cute they are!!

PS - bare with us. i swear i am almost caught up with the holidays pics....

splish - splash~

the washington sisters...

these kiddos of ours sure have developed some fairly hysterical personalities. grandma and grandpa had the kids all over to their hotel one afternoon for some pool time and kate and ella love pretending they were wearing wigs... like the one George Washington used to wear. fortunately we have a photo to commemorate the silly moment with.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's time to make the cookies!

and these four kiddos did a knock-out job!
check them out:

and then THEY arrived!

trey and molly having a good 'ole time
ella and kate being cute!
grandpa swenson being a good sport...
uncle steve enjoying some of treys boy toys!
pete and pete sr. enjoying a moment together...

the highly anticipated arrival of the nason clan from maine did not disappoint. it was mid afternoon on the 26th when they arrived and within seconds the kids reconnected as if it hadn't been a year between visits. what a blessing family is!

Enjoying Christmas day ALL day!

kate and grandpa roe being goofy!
grandpa swenson helping with toy assembly!
and grandma swenson helping keep things clean and orderly!

one of the perks to hosting the holidays are having a little extra time to hang out in your jammies and enjoy the day. and that is just what we did this year.

christmas day~

Christmas explosion;
magic in the makin...
kate and trey dig into their stockings

trey Christmas favorite...
the Christmas table...
the Christmas cook...
and the Christmas bird!
notice the platter mom?
i got a little teary this year as i pulled this one out and wiped off the dust.
fondly remembering all of the wonderful meals
and memories my Mika created for all of us.