a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

summer salad exchange; let's share the LOVE ~

ok viewers, how would you like to try a summer salad exchange? because of the distance we can't literally exchange our favorite summer time salads but we can share recipes. if you are game please email me (sarahroe@bellsouth.net) a copy of your favorite summer salad. i doens't have to be a salad it can be that dish that you always prepare when invited to a picnic. i don't know about anyone else but i could sure use some fresh ideas. i'll post all recipes that i recieve on sunday, june 1st and share the love!

the SALES hold the sale of all sales

i do confess, i am a junkie. i can always find room in the yard for another plant, shrub or tree. i am always popping into out of the way nurseries hoping to find the deal of all deals. well i am pleased to announce this weekend pete and i hit the jack pot! and it's been right under our nose the whole time. the sales own a very small nursery that is just on the other side of the forest from us. i've see their sign at least two hundred time but couldn't see anything from the road so i never ventured back. this weekend bright colored balloons were hung to their sign which now also said SALE - SAVE BIG MONEY! it was too much. i had to check it out. i am so glad i did. i will have a hard time shopping at lowes and home depot in the future as mrs. sales offered her perennials, her gorgeous perennials for $2 and her annuals at $.50. we left with 7 flats of flowers and vegetables for $35.50. i couldn't not get over it. needless to say we did more then a little planting this weekend. i was finally able to fill in this new planter we added under a tree in the front yard. i also managed to get several large color pots added to the back deck. sure to be enjoyed for many months.

Monday, May 26, 2008

happy memorial day '08!

our silly little nut balls...

who needs toys?
actually had to ask them to keep them off the couch.
it is official, i have become my mother.

a weekend full of good eats!

our second CSA distribution certainly did not disappoint. fresh mint which meant mojiots sunday night. i didn't even know i liked them. more radish and kohlrabi. garlic greens, a gorgeous head of red bibb, a bag of spinach and more kale. kale has become a new favorite or ours. pete has perfected his preparation which involved lightly sauteing garlic and onion first and then adding the kale for just a couple of minutes. we ate in two nights in a row and would have went for a third had we had more. 2 pints of fresh picked berried which meant strawberry and blueberries shortcake tonight for desert. the shortcake were actually scratch made biscuits left over from breakfast this morning. another recipe pete is getting close to perfecting. we picked up two pieces of pork from springhill farms, a tender little pork tenderloin that we marinated saturday night in a savory sweet vadalia onion marinade and sunday we had some chops that we prepared and served with a light thai peanut dipping sauce. both meals completely satisfied! and finally tonight we slow roasted some chicken on the grill and served up our inaugural bowl of holly's infamous macaroni salad. i just can't seem to find horseradish with any sort of kick down here so i found it to be a bit bland but pete and kids were pleased as punch!

the great cicada invasion of 2008!

we asheville residents will remember this memorial day weekend primarily because of the mass emergence of MILLIONS of large black bugs with bright red eyes that seems to be everywhere! commonly called the 17- year locust, these insects are not really locusts. their proper name is the periodical cicada.
they are a bit intimidating at first but once you've spent as much time with them as we have this past weekend you quickly find them to be completely harmless and extremely interesting little creatures.
the kids started by collecting the shells but that only held their interest for a couple of days. i had to dig deep and summons my mom power as they begged me to pluck on from the tree so they could get a closer look. how could i not? it's just a BIG little bug right? so i did and that was all kate needed. she immediately decided she needed to open a cicada rescue center for all of the lonely little males that were able to find a mate. thus the bug habitat full! our little "flower" trey kept his distance for a full day before he finally gave into his curious nature.
i have to admit it's been sort of cool to witness nature working it's wonder. i am just glad this 17 year emergence involved bugs and not snakes or something like that. not sure all the mom power in the world could get me through that!

to the nature center we go ~

who knew chaperoning a field trip could be so much fun. friday trey and i joined kate and her classmates as they ventured out and spent the morning at the WNC Nature Center. lunch and a couple rounds of duck-duck-goose followed. trey just wallowed in the sand volleyball pits. three days later and i am still finding sand. we had some tired kiddos friday night.

kate's end of year program

all 5 kindergarten classes gather in the gym to sign and dance
preforming take me out to the ball park

kate the other kids listening to classmates

mrs. d reading with sweet little jordan

henry, on of our favorites!

krista, kate & ricky. a true southern gentleman in the making.

following a few goodies the kids that were left gathered for a class pic

as we head home the class grabs their bag lunches and
heads across the street for a picnic in the park.
following 45 minutes of signing and dancing we were invited to the classroom for and "authors tea." kate and her classmates all took turns reading their books aloud. it was a big moment for some of these little kids. so glad we were there to share it with them. cookies and tea followed.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

what a day!

to be continued....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

to all the girls in my circle~

when I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend.And then I started to become a woman. And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, you will be shown the best in many friends.
One friend is needed when you're going through things with your partner. Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your parents.
Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities.
Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.
One friend will say, 'Let's cry together,' another, 'Let's fight together,' another, 'Let's walk away together.'
One friend will meet your spiritual need, another your shoe fetish, another your love for movies, another will be with you in your season of confusion, another will be your clarifier, another the wind beneath your wings.
But what ever their assignment in your life, on whatever the occasion, on whatever the day, or wherever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back, or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself........Those are your best friends.
It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many, it's wrapped up in several.....one from 6th grade, one from high school, some from the college years, a couple from old jobs.

On some days your mother. On some days your neighbor. On others, your sisters, cousins. And on some days, your daughters.

i received the above from one of my oldest and and most dear friends from iowa today, nicole. know that i love you and can't wait to see you later this summer. until then~

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

creative energy ~

i just felt i couldn't stop. after completing my SECOND skirt this evening is sewing class i came home feeling energized. feeling like i wasn't quite ready to call it a night so i got to work on a project that should have been done long ago. just a little something that sweet baby andrew.
we can't wait to see you -- it won't be long now!

Monday, May 19, 2008

a very HAPPY belated birthday

uncle silly!
hope you had a ball in san fran.
we'll have to celebrate in july. lots of love!

it's that time of year again ~

the water table is back in action. trey self entertained for well over an hour as i worked on laundry this afternoon. he even ate his peach while submerged. we LOVE the water table!

chugga - chugga

make way for our SUPER long choo-choo!

our flower girl is all grown up!

mika is the 3rd in the from the left - in black -- with the long legs!

obviously hair is the thing these days...
i guess it was back in my day as well. only it was much bigger!

it was over a decade ago that my youngest cousin mika served in our wedding as our sweet little flower girl. and would you look at her know. a gorgeous young woman just about to finish up grade school! this past weekend she had her first formal dance. my aunt and uncle hosted
the pre and post party. "chef bruno" my uncle prepared lemon chicken for the girls and served sparkling cider. in another decade it will be peter and i hosting for kate and her girlies. crazy to think!