a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

our quick trip to chicago~

i could have snapped pictures of htis little one all day. those cheeks, those lips, those eyes. she is a gift!

good morning girls
story time

trey doing who knows what!??!?

move over pamela anderson this little babe is beach ready!

heading to the park

pete getting a few baby squeezers in

trey practicing his P-U-M-P

melissa makes the tag as camryn comes round the corner

kate going head first

trey and camryn playing in the sand

who's toes are those?
many of our blog followers have seen or heard of our dear friends the guldbergs. we met them while living in mooresville and became fast and inseperable friends. inseparable until career paths lead us in opposite directions that is.
they currently live in chicago so while we were in iowa we made the most of our opportunity to pop on over for a quick visit. sure am glad we did. melissa and i caught up while the kids played. it was such a treat to be able to share in many of camryn's daily rituals and do some of the same things with her that melissa was able to do with kate when she was toddler.
until next time~
(hopefully next summer)
we love you guldbers!

the kids are keepin' it real~

cousin alli

cousin austin

what would summer vaCay be without a couple of good ole' lazy days? despite all of the fantastic things we did while we were in iowa last month i am absolutely positive this is a day that the kids and i will remember forever.
not getting nearly enough time with my niece and nephew throughout the year i jumped at the chance to keep them home from daycare while my brother and sister-in-law worked. we walked around the yard and played with whatever we could find. we picked flowers and surprised mika with a bouquet. we read books and enjoyed a snack in the shade. we ate lunch on the drive-way (woo-hoo) and just soaked each other up.

what is opa up to now?

this is me suiting up
a look inside the first of the 6 hives

even kate was able to suit up and get up close and personal with the bees

all that know my father (opa) knows he is a man that takes his hobbies seriously. last year when we visited we learned all about stones and we were all mezmorized as we watch opa take a stone fresh fromt he ground and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. check them out: http://ringsofstone.com

so this year in addition to the stones he has also taken up beekeeping and was very excited to share the experience with all of us, young and old.
feeling inspired we hope to start a hive of our own come spring.

Monday, August 10, 2009


candy collection. mika is showing trey how it is done...

pete, my dad and my "little" brother eric

cousins austin and alli cruise by on thier school float

carNi game - yehaw!!!

kate helping trey get over his fear of high rides

my sweet trey bear starting to loosen up.

aus totally into it!

here they all come!

back in the day we lived for this summer event, the only event that ever came to town. the carnival would come to town and set up shop. we haven't been in solon for this since we've had the kids so this summer we indulged them. the weekend consisted on a parade, rides, games, the fireman's challenge, the kids tractor pull, a hay bail toss and lots-O-beef! good stuff~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

here we go!

the men taking the kids out for a spin around the island

kate and kenzine being cute

trey and tait being boys

yes of course we took a slip-n-slide to the lake with us

chillin in the hammock

OK - time to try and get caught up!
our time spent in iowa last month could not have been more enjoyable. while we were there nicole and ryan invited us to spend a couple of days in guttenburg. we spent 2 days soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh iowa air. the kids played long and hard while the parent kicked back and tried to relax a bit.

celebrating kate!

hard to belive it was seven years ago that this bald headed beauty arrived and turned our world upside down.
as we celebrated her seventh year i gave thanks for one of the most beautiful gifts my life has bestowed upon me. our sweet little kater-pie!
so full of life and compassion. so eager to learn and explore. so silly and creative. so sweet and so tender.
happy birthday my love.
here's to many ~ many more!!!