a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and this city mouse went to the country...

who doesn't love a teacher workday? yesterday said workday afforded us a glorious day spent out on the Ramsey farm. the sunshine was intoxicating as spring was emerging all around us.

-just like the smallest of crocus that are beginning to appear, may your true self also appear.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

could that child be any cuter?

this past weekend i made a very quick trip to chicago to attend my cousin jessica's bridal shower and was thrilled that the guldbergs agreed to host me for an evening.
i actually felt my hear swell when i saw camryn walk across the room for the first time. still doing that new walker wobble. we were all living in mooresville when kate was experiencing all of her firsts and melissa genuinely shared our excitement on many of those occasions.
i am truly blessed! with many-many miles between us our friendship is unwavering and for that i will always be grateful!
we will hope to see you all again soon (7/18?)!

the quick trip to g'burg with the girls that almost didn't happen...

we made it!

catherine and i braved the elements to get the real skinny.
roads look good. we're going shopping!

took in the local scenery and enjoyed a few micro brews

rebecca and i with our sampler

heather and catherine

my first experience with HOT crispy cremes. thanks heather, thanks a lot!

had to snap a picture of this so i could send this home to pete.
wanted him to know i was missing.

in celebration of heather's b-day this year a few of us managed to sneak off for a a couple of nights to get some R&R and do a little shopping. as fate would have it the skies opened up and began to dump snow just as we all loaded in the car. we knew our condo was in the mountains but i didn't realize it was on the top of the mountain. despite our best attempt we couldn't make it up on our first try. the roads were so bad they had closed the last pass that lead up to the Summit. We were instructed to head back down to town, have dinner and wait for the lights to flash. that's right, we were told to wait for the lights to flash signaling that it was safe and the roads had been cleared. being the city girls that we are we found a cantina and plunkered down... waiting for the lights to flash. WHAT LIGHTS? come to find out there are no magic lights that flash. we of course found this out the hard way but nevertheless after an extremely stressful climb to the top we had MADE IT!

tell me...

because this only seems to happen on date night i had to snap a quick picture so i could "show" kate what she should expect....

my prince charming!

a 3'fer...

boy were we excited when we learned that the gast boys needed a place to stay for a night while heather and don enjoyed an adult night out.
to trey's absolute delight he was able to share his room and all of his toys with 3 boys. the night could not have gone any smoother. boys you are welcome back anytime!

mother nature saved the best one for last...

uncle kirk shows the kids how to build a snow giant upstate style

following a few teasers this past winter we finally got a good dumping a couple of weeks ago. no shortage of things to do. snowmen, snow-giants, snow forts, snowballs and snow popsicles (kate's favorite).

time for a haircut...

if i could have delayed any longer believe me i would have. what can i say i caved. after a horrible first butch -- oh i mean haircut... i was a bit reluctant to go for another. however he was wanting to wear it in a ponytail like kate. wasn't quite ready to go there with him yet either. so now we have a spri little skater boy do.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it was a nason kind of night...

as i was draining the tub the other night the squealing began...
kate pulled out an x-mas gift of the past from meme. it was a t-shirt with a picture of she, ella and molly (the nason cousins from maine) on it. once trey caught a glimpse of her attire he set out on a mission to find his own similar t-shirt. soon they both had them on the two immediately started talking about some of their favorite times they've spent spent with the girls in the past. we realized that molly had a birthday coming up so we even sang her happy birthday. who knew that when meme gave these tee they'd be such great gifts. thank you meme for always keeping the kiddos close to your heart. and thank you ella and molly nason for being such special little people. these cousins of yours over here in asheville sure do love you!