a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

petemas 2008

hope i live to see this many candles on my cake!

uno & dos as breakfast at johnnys comes to an end

pete sr. with the cutest little party favor around

kate getting her turn with scarlette
my dear heather. what would i do without you?

hayden defending her cupcake!

the roast!

how many petes does it take to blow out 100 candles?

and finally the dancing begins...

pete and uncle john

kate and uncle silly (john)
another memorable petemas! for those of you not familiar with petemas allow me to explain. both peter and his father peter share a birthday, December 23rd. with their birthday being so close to christmas many years prior to my arrival to the roe family the celebration was names petemas...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

leave it to trey...

irish thought she had found herself a quiet little place to nap. no such lucky kitty-kitty!

so where is the pot of gold?

as some of us were sitting in the charlotte airport on friday praying for a small miracle others were back in asheville having a gay ole' time enjoying the spendor of one!
and instead of the pot of gold...
just FIND my bag US AIR!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i think i've found it...

as petemas approaches i think i've found the perfect gift for both the young and the... younger
the scent of seduction with a hint of flame broiled meat...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

kate takes the stage

kate as cindy lou who dancing to "where are you christmas"

jennings, kate & krista

trey enjoying some italian ice

kate and her side kick caitlin

sunday afternoon pete and holly joined us at lipinsky theater at UNCA as we all watched kate and her fellow dancers take the stage. an entire recital devoted to the grinch. such fun and so good to have family here to share these memorable moments with.

upholding our merry mooresville holiday traditions...

while we were living in mooresville and YEARS before there were children we were having holiday celebrations with the guldbergs and cummings. this past weekend we celebrated another beautiful year in traditional fashion. unfortunately judd and melis could not be with us in person however we felt them with us in spirit (note the photo being held next to the miller lite).
good food, great company and melanie didn't even have to take one for the team this year.
dear friends, know that we love you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

the second annual decorating of our fat albert ~

the tree is growing and so is sheeeeeee!

tis' the season

to be ginger - breading...
and this week peter and i were able to divide and conquer. pete spent the morning with trey at CWS and i joined kate and her class.

goof balls!

we purchased a piece of art last year from deacon trust. apparently the pieces features some 3D elements but i've yet to experience the excitement. the kids found the glasses this past week and have had plenty of fun with them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

the joys of raising our boy trey!

first let me preface this story with one quick side note that many of you may find a bit disgusting. our sweet little trey bear is a nose picker AND a booger eater. as hard as we've tried we can't seem to get him to leave his nose alone! totally gross - i know and i am sorry but that needed to be said first.
SOOOOO on the way to school trey and i were have a nice conversation about the salty meat the people ate while they traveled across the water on the mayflower (his story i might add). when all of a sudden things got very quiet. i peaked in my rear view mirror to find him slurping up the runny snot and it freely ran from his nose. i quickly reached for a tissue as all mothers would do and handed it back to him and promptly instructed him to wipe.
"mom" he said these slippery boogers aren't bad for you. just the cruchy ones that live inside my nose are. i can eat these and they won't give me germs. really! really mom, that is the true...
so there you have it. straight from the mouth of trey. those slipper boogers are nothing to worry about. who knew!??!!
HapPy fRiDAY~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the early bird gets the worm...

trey came down this morning around 4 complaining of a cramp in his foot. he crawled into bed with us and i rubbed it for 15 minutes before doSing him up with motrin. soon after he was back to sleep cuddled up nice and close and SNORING! just as i felt myself drifting back to sleep our door opened again. this time it was kate. she said she just wanted to cuddle. this coming from our incredibly independent six year old. she jumped in and quickly tucked her cold toes between my thighs. buuurrrrr!!!
i decided at 10 after 5 there was no going back to sleep for me. i have had my breakfast, completed my FB stalking for the day and even wrote out a dozen or so x-mas cards. now i am going to head to the gym and try and burn some calories.
as i was stalking this morning i came across this picture of my sister-in-law emmy who i adore and my nephew austin. he ust melts my heart! even before 6AM this picture made me smile from ear to ear. i can't to see you all soon!

Thursday, December 4, 2008