a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

way to go aunt bethers

we wanted to give a big shout out to aunt bethers and congratulate her on her strong finish today -- WAY TO GO!
and check out her cheering section. they don't get any cuter then that! those girls probably helped to take a couple of minutes off her time.

azeala park - we love you!

as if you hadn't seen enough of our day at the park already here are just a few more~

made in the shade

after all that fun in the sun we sought a well needed reprieve in the shade. had a cool drink and a few cheesy crackers and our darling duo was ready to roll again!

fun is the sun and SAND ~

trey goes down and kate winds up

SLEEP: can a person ever really get enough? while kates is learning the "art" of sleeping on the weekends her dear little brother trey is sleeping less and less these days. not sure what to blame for the demise of his fairly regular sleep habits - just hoping we can help him get back to the soon.

so with trey being up most of the night he was more then ready for a nap by 915 this morning. a mere fifteen minutes after his sister wakes for the day. so after a quick breakfast and a program kate breaks out her paints. a favorite past time of her when little brother isn't around.

day 2 of the long holiday weekend

while kate slept in (until nearly 9 again this morning) trey and i spent the morning enjoying the simple things together - who knew a sink full of water could be so much fun. or the old garbanzo beans that were destined for the disposal. did you know they pop if you squeeze them? thanks trey - i learned something new today.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

check it out - more QUAINTANCE cuties!

here are a couple more that we're proud to call ours. aren't they gorgeous! we love you jimmy and charlie and aunt ann. hope to see you soon!

Friday, May 25, 2007

kate nearly loses her melons...

with macaroni salad season upon us we set out in seek of the freshest produce available. we landed at the WNC farmers market. one of our favorite local hangouts. as you can see we filled our basket and then some...

memorial day weekend starts off with a bang!

kater - pie slept until 9 AM so trey and i had three plus hours this morning to get the party started...

we did a few load of laundry and spent a good hour hunting for bugs. found a few june bugs a dozen moths. stay tuned for play by play reporting on our fun filled weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2007

blister sisters break $30,000

this fall i will be walking 60 miles along with my fellow blisters sisters on behalf of the Susan G. Komen foundation. each one of my team members have pledged to personally raise a minimum of $2,200 in donations and this past weekend we collectively surpassed the $30,000 mark. we are well on our way to the nearly $50,000 goal we've set. GO TEAM!!!

a big thank you to all of the support i've received so far from our friends and family. i sincerely appreciate your support.

OH MY - what cute cousins we have ~

the two adorable children above are austin and ally - they belong to my "little" brother eric and his wife emmy. big HUGS and KISSES from kater and trey. we miss you terribly. (great pics aunt emmy - keep them comming!)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

ordinary day turned extraordinary

after work today i set off to conquer the mundane - or at least what i had anticipated to be the mundane. my goal - to clean the house! those of you that have attempted this with little ones under foot know how challenging something as simple as cleaning can be. you get one room cleaned and they've already torn apart 2 more. tis' the nature of the beast.

today it sank in - i can't possibly clean fastest enough to get ahead of them so why not indulge them. a couple of mattresses on the floor and presto - instant entertainment. i managed to get all of the linens changed and made a fairly decent attack against the killer dust bunnies that have begun to invade our home. all the while i enjoyed the sweet sound of my children laughing themselves silly. as a mother there is nothing i find more fulfilling - to know that the ones you love are safe and happy. today there was no doubt!

we're off again!

while pete was traveling last weekend the kids and i set off again for mooresville. thursday and most friday were spent with the sundbergs - playing and packing -packing and playing!

friday afternoon we went over to the bigleys and enjoyed a neighborhood event with the harbor gang as we celebrated david's 43rd birthday with him! good music and good food were present but not nearly enough sleep for trey-bear the night before lead us to an early departure.

before heading back to asheville we were able to catch up with melanie and mr. jeff and enjoyed a quick lunch. seemed strange packing up the kids and leaving behind the familiarity of mooresville and the comfort of good friends. yet some how is was reassuring as well. i believe friendships and memories are what you make out of them. we're making the most of ours!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

mom asked for more pics of the yard...

we finally finished the "rock wall" that we've been working on since the landscaping crew was abruptly told not to return...will post pictures of that master piece soon. kate collected her biggest payout yet upon completion of this project... 2 bucks for 4 weeks of work - hard work!
i also need to post pictures of our ridiculously expensive yet meticulously landscaped ditch. errrrrr!