a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a picture is worth a thousand words

on her first day

on her last day
living proof that it does get better and they do get through it!
one of our dear friends from mooresville shared these pictures of her daughter with me after i told her about our kindergarten experience thus far. ally is one of the coolest little kids we had the pleasure of knowing and growing up with. always full of life - always up for an adventure!
now kate would like to know how many days she has left...

little boy meets BIG world

tuesday morning trey enjoyed "his" first day of school. he and his 9 other little classmates are referred to as the "little darlings." And that they are! 4 boys and 6 girls sign, dance and play while learning the ABC's of sharing.
it was all good for trey-bear. she sailed thew the day without a fear oi think it was probably the darling pep talk big sister kate gave to him before she left. it wen something like this...
"don't cry trey. school is good and mom will come and get you. and they have good toys there. i love you - up to the moon and back. remember that OK!?"
they are so sweet to each other!

and then we had CAKE ~

a baker i am not but this one was fun. no theme here this year - just the traditional roe birthday hat as inspiration. and while searching for additional food coloring i came across the candle we used on kate's second birthday cake so i threw that on for sentiment sake.

Monday, August 27, 2007

the grande finale ~

note to self:
wait until child is much older to buy motorized toy!
after we disconnect the battery trey stopped crying and became very excited about his new acquisition.
maybe next year we'll reconnect the battery and try it again. :>)

peter 2 and 3

my two favorite men in the whole wide world...
celebrating in true "peter" style.
does it get any better then this?

the "love" rained down on us

the calls - the cards - the gifts...
they came from far and wide.
i feel such gratitude.
thank you one and all.
for celebrating trey!

notice kate - not sure so about all of this celebrating for someone else...

tradition continues~

perhaps on any other day one might be hard pressed to find a donut around here - but not on a birthday.
ever since kate turned one we've begun every birthday since the same...
with a donut and candles - ahhhhhh

big biys gets big bike!

our little "man-in-the-making" turns 2

OH - how he melts my heart!

look out oakley - here she comes!

and that is where we left her...

it started like most mornings do...

she woke before her alarm started to sound. i heard a lot of clamor comming from her room. as i anxiously awaited her entrance into the kitchen i was intersted to see the expression on her face. would she be excited? nervous? scared? truth be told i think she was still half asleep. most impressive - she was already dressed from head to toe. she hopped on the couch and got in some good snuggles with daddy before downing 2 bowls of fruity cherrios. being the good sport that she usually is she posed for a couple of pictures while fighting trey for center stage.

6:30 am
notice the boots everyone...

715 AM

Sunday, August 26, 2007

just a swingin'

more from montreat park

sticks and stones...

are what this little boy loves!

photos taken at montreat park

up - up and away ~

at the sourwood festival kate showed no fear.
without hesitation she jumped in line and waited to take her turn on the rock climbing wall. as kate finished we asked trey if he wanted to try but he just shook his head feverishly, indicating NO WAY!