a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Monday, April 30, 2007

good times with good friends~

friday afternoon we set off for mooresville to help ally emerson celebrate her 6th birthday. leave it up to brent and alyssa to throw a proper bash. 30 kids having the time of their life at the rehabilitation center that alyssa practices at. we were able to catch up with lots of our old play group friends - all under one roof no less! we miss you all!
from there it was over to the sundberg's where we quickly tucked the tired kids into bed and mixed up some green apple martinis and caught up on all that had happened since we left in late january. carolyn and david popped in just for a tease. they couldn't stay long because carolyn had to WORK!??!? our visit was short but sweet.
saturday morning we set off to see the sights at the NC Zoo. We've been trying to get there for well over a year and a half, but unfortunately with birthday parties, pete's busy schedule, visitors galore and the move, something always seemed to interfere. but not this past weekend...we finally made it! and like adding icing to a cake, our good friends the sundbergs (minus erik because he was flying) were able to join us. ironically we only saw 5 or 6 of the exhibits. it's a long story and would probably bore most of you so we'll just focus on the the fun that was had by all!
kate and baby sarah (almost 1 yr)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

grandma & grandpa swenson sent photos from their recent visit - we wanted to share a few

family fun at the falls

we ventured about 35 minutes out of town to Du Pont State Park in search of a waterfall after pete had been informed by kate that she had never seen one up close.

ask and you shall receive...
it was an ideal hike to do with kids. very easy access to the trail and just over 2 miles round trip. we even enjoyed the luxury of port-o-johns along the way.

the hikes itself probably wouldn't excite a true naturalist but for the roes, it did the trick. it was an amazing experience for us all as we stood near the base of the fall and just listened...to the water as it roared by...
as if it had somewhere very importatn to be.
once again mother nature impressed!

Monday, April 23, 2007


It is official - I am registered and will be walking the 3day
Susan G. Komen walk for breast cancer in Atlanta.
If you would like to support me in my effort to raise $2200
for this worthy cause please click on the link below -
you can make a donation online in a snap!
Every penny is greatly appreciated &
will help to further fund research!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

HOO-HOO is that perched in our tree?

last night - shortly after the sun set i was in treys room putting away clothes when i heard kate begin to scream, "an owl - i see an owl." we had just started the movie robin hood so i responded with a very relaxed "cool kate, what is the owl's name?" at the top of her lungs kate replied "how should i know, this is the first owl i've ever seen in my tree." i dropped my laundry basket and had to check it out for myself.

SURE ENOUGH, i found kate and trey sharing a chair-noses pressed against the window gawking with amazement
at the huge horned owl that sat perched in our tree.
we enjoyed his splendor for a couple of moments
before he spread his wings and flew away into the falling darkness.

a little love sent from iowa

look what arrived from iowa...
dug fresh from the ground just 2 days ago.
packed with care in wood shavings and yak poop.
digger LOVED that!!!
dozens of healthy hosta pips and ferns;
"a little love sent from iowa."

thanks mika & opa!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

happy anniversary meme and gaw!

now here's a pair that certainly makes it all look easy~
we love you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

a tender moment caught by mom -

kate has become the quintessential care giver of late and this morning i was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of her in action without her knowing.

since moving to asheville it has been a struggle to get myself to the Y for all sorts of "not-so-good" reasons. one of which however has been because trey is going through a very clingy stage and really doesn't want to be left in child watch to play with the other kids. he fairly certain that he'd really be much happier with me 24/7. and considering we've been through this with kate you'd think the second time around i'd just press on....

we entered the child watch room and greeted the staff. i found a cute little playmate for kate to chum up with and helped her with the initial introductions. trey scanned the room and quickly realized what was about to happen - mom was about to leave. after reassuring him that i'd return soon i kissed both he and kate and i reluctantly left. as the belt on the treadmill began to turn i juggled feelings of both guilt and entitlement - all the while i was waiting for that little tap on my shoulder and the notification that i was needed in the child watch room. but there would be no tap. this day i would not be needed as i had been so many times in the past.

45 minutes quickly passed and i was starting to feel good about the opportunities the Y had to offer. i started to feel like this was going to be the start of something good for the 3 of us. i crammed in a few quick sets of weights and by this time an hour and 15 minutes total had passed and i was down right excited to retrieve my beloved.

i decided to creep in unannounced to see for myself how our two were fending. to my utter delight i found kate holding trey (who's more then half her size) in her lap as all of the children were gathered in a circle on the floor for for story time. trey spotted me before kate did and he joyously screamed out my name. before kate let go of trey i heard her say "see trey-trey, momma always comes back." that was a proud moment - a moment i will always cherish.

today reitterated to me that our precious little kate continues to gain confidence in herself and her surroundings and she's learning how to share more of the love that fills her heart. she is an amazing little girl and it warms my heart more then i ever thought possible to see her caring for her baby brother. trey will never know life without kate and for that i am thankful!

peter t. roe the second and third...

like father like son-
aren't they irresistible?

Monday, April 16, 2007

a photo frenzy...

easter weekend with grandma and grandpa swenson

plenty of good times with the rentschler clan. the zoo, bubbles, baths, chocolate pie, dinner and dancing on the deck - i could go on...

lunch with meme and gaw at harvest was yummo.
even better was the afternoon we
spent at the nature center

mika and kate - planning their "bear" escape route
mika introduces kate to the world of babushkas...

mika feeding trey a dog treat ...thanks mom!

A quick recap and then on to present day...

After moving to Asheville in late January we've already had the opportunity to share our home and this great city with some of our family and friends. And this is just the beginning!!!

Mika flew down in March as help was desperately needed...
Mika kept the kids busy as I attempted to unpack boxes and get organized.
We didn't make it to the Grove Park as I had promised but who knew I needed to book 306 months in advance. Next time I will be better prepare for you Mom - I promise!
Her timing was impeccable however. Pete had just returned from a trip to Cancun when he promptly came down with the flu. The extra set of hands were heavenly - and for me, there isn't much that compares to having my Momma around! She is one of the few people in life that I can regularly share a good belly laugh with. It doesn't take much!

Upon her departure MeMe and Grandpa Roe graced us with their presence as they explored a career opportunity in Charleston and further assisted us with our settling. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed several dinners on the deck, an afternoon stomping around downtown and a trip to the Nature Center.

Following the Roes came the Rentschlers of Iowa. Nicole and I spent the week entertaining the kiddos while our road warrior husbands continued on their grind. Lots of fun was had by all. It was incredible to see Kate and Kinzie bind so quickly and so strongly. We're hoping the Rentschlers will consider making their visit an annual one!

And just in time for Easter Grandma and Grandpa Swenson drove down for a little reprieve from the cold. But SURPRISE the snow beat them here! Who would have thought that after weeks of sun and seventy degree days we'd have snow upon their arrival? The snow didn't stick around long - and it didn't deter any of us from having fun. As a matter of fact I think it added even more excitement as Kate and Trey were finally able to break in their new sled. (thanks to a little help from dad of course)

Easter morning the kids woke to a house that had been sprinkled with Easter eggs and found baskets filled full of goodies. After a quick egg hunt and as Grandpa Swenson put it; an "Easter boogie" by Kate, we all enjoyed a decedent Easter brunch in the comfort of our new home.

as the Roes grow...

up-up and away!
we're doing it...we're launching our family blog
& you're invited to come along for the ride as the roes grow!