a collection of memories that are near and dear to us.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

a puncheon camp creek send off to summer

thursday morning trey and his classmates all met at puncheon camp creek for their end of year celebration. and what a celebration it was! the kids sang songs, had a guided wagon ride, toured the farm and picnicked all before celebrating their graduation from the 3's class.

kate's year end dance recital

warming up twirls



kate and her long time dancing buddy krista

goofing off

ballet routine

jazz routine
talk about improvement. i can't even tell you how far these girls have come in just a year. no longer the youngest girls in the group kate's dance troop took the stage this afternoon and completely impressed us all.

into the WILD


home sweet home away from home

beer? in the wild - hmmmm

pete and kirk; his best friend since childhood, set out on a camping adventure with plans to explore south mills river. they had hopes of spending two full days and nights exploring the great outdoors, fly fishing and hiking.

after preparing myself for 48 hours without any type of communication i was delightfully surprised when i received a call halfway into day two. they had abandoned the hope of catching all of their meals after the fly fishing hadn't panned out and they made a trip back into town to fill their bellies and stock thier cooler.

highlights included; catching 4 fish, finding a rare appalachian salamander, birding and great camping.

check out these crafty crafters~

while heather spent some well needed time resting Wednesday morning following her tonsillectomy trey and i had the pleasure of spending the morning with alex and miles. here we took a few minutes to make some "feel better" cards for heather. all three boys impressed me with their glue sticking skills.

oh how we love our superheros...

trey received his first MARVEL comic book in the mail this past week (compliments of mika) and who knew it would be such a hit. after falling asleep with it in his hands Tuesday night, Wednesday morning he came downstairs still clutching it. it didn't take long for him to convince kate that she really needed to take a look at for herself. i quick snapped these as they shared a sweet little brother-sister moment.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a big day for kate!

this afternoon kate and i made our way to the local library where we obtained kate's "very own" library card. it was precious... she was giddy. as the kind clerk handed kate the card her eyes opened wide with excitement and a huge smile took over her gorgeous little face.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

never fear we'll be back next year...

not sure where the time has gone but today trey spent his last day in the classroom at CWS and what a year he has had. now able to spell his name, identify shapes, count to 14 and recite the alphabet our little trey -bear has come along way. even more importantly trey is becoming a confident and compassionate little person and is learning how to behave without mom and dad by his side.
thank you mrs. april and mrs. pam for a super-duper year and for posting these pictures. i have loved seeing what trey does while he is at school.

Monday, May 25, 2009

hellooooooo summer!

in between "showers" we managed to get in some much needed pool time. this is a picture i took with my BB of the east asheville recreation center. this will be the second summer as members. it is absolutely perfect for us. a great kids side of the pool that offers zero entry for the not so steady kiddos and an ample deep end for the adults and little fish. who cares if it is totally dirty-dancing-ish. we love it.

this year they have improved the visitors policy and are now allowing any guest that does not live in buncombe county to get in FREE. so throw your suit in you bag and come on over!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a star is born!

so much joy, so much love, so much energy! my precious little neice took the stage last weekend and according to my father STOLE the show. even though opa is a bit biased i have no doubt that allison stole the show. her smile can light a room and her sweet little eyes literally twinkle. now who sounds a bit biased?
this weekend sweet little allison is not having quite as much fun. earlier today she had her tonsil removed. know that we are thinking about you my love. we hope you'll be back on your feet soon. lots of love from asheville!

how sweet it is to be loved by YOU!

it was an ordinary morning like most others. while i was getting the kiddos ready for school pete took the new pooch out for walk.
10 minutes later as i packing lunches in walked pete with a fist full of ditch daisies... roots and all and a big fat smile on his face. "i know how you love daisies" he said.
what more can a woman ask for? i mean really??!!
twelve years in and it's all good!

trey's teddy bear picnic~

what fun!
mr. peeps joined trey and all his little buddies at school today for a little lunch on the front lawn.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a gift from a girlfriend...

i received this from a girlfriend earlier today.
what a stitch!
only a few of you will get this.
YOU know who you are.
we've got to stick together!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the inaugural run~

after passing along one of our favorites pieces of plastic crap-ola to our beloved neighbors we promptly ran right out and bought another...
does anything say summer fun like a slip-n-slide? ask our kiddos and the answer would be a big fat NO!
at times i can hardly stand to watch as i know it is only a matter of time before i am running one of them to the ER for stitches. we'll wait until the end of the summer before we show them how we used to do it iowa. adding a little Palmolive to the slip-n-slide - WOW is all i am going to say!